March 3, 2018

For participants from Timisoara: there will be a workshop on how to do a symposium paper on Wednesday March 7 at 19.30 in the evening (room 202).

For student organisers: our second meeting will be on Tuesday March 6 at 19.30 in the evening (room 202)

January 15,  2018

Register for the 23rd edition of the Symposium of Students in English until 4 March 2018.

The Symposium of Students in English is open to all students of English at undergraduate and MA level. Its  main aim is to offer young researchers an opportunity to share ideas, make new contacts and develop professionally. In the past, research papers and workshops have focused on a variety of topics connected to British and American studies, including linguistics, literature, semiotics, media studies, gender studies, teaching, creative writing, and many others. The department also publishes a selection of the papers presented at the symposium in the Journal of Student Research in Languages and Literatures (JSRLL).

We have always attempted to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, encouraging presenters to make their speeches as lively and interactive as possible, and participants to ask questions. There are also plenty of opportunities for social interaction, and evening events typically include theatre or music performances by students, or poetry and prose readings.

The bulk of the organisation is usually done by our student organisers, who bring in their enthusiasm, their brilliant ideas, and their very hard work. This means the symposium is usually as good as our students are, and fortunately that is good news!

The 2018 edition, the 23rd, will take place on 23-24 March 2018. Registrations  are now closed. 

  The Symposium of Students in English, 2010-2018