How do I get my paper published?

You are invited to submit papers presented at the student symposium for publication in the Journal of Student Research in Languages and Literatures edited by the Faculty of Letters, Theology and History.

In order for your paper to be considered for publication, it needs to be original research work and obey the following guidelines.


Make sure you do the following before you submit your papers for publication – otherwise your papers WILL NOT be accepted:

-make sure you are submitting original work! Please read this guide in order to make sure you don’t plagiarize unintentionally.

-write according to the format required; complete, accurate references done according to STANDARD are ESSENTIAL.

-check your spelling and language before you submit the paper – papers containing spelling and grammar mistakes will not be accepted for publication.

-be prepared to review the paper at the request of the editors.

Deadline for Submission and Style Specifications for Papers

– to be observed RIGOROUSLY

Deadline for Submission: 15 May 2019

Length of paper: A maximum of 10 pages including references and appendices.

Word codes:

1. ITALICS should be used for emphasis, book titles, etc. (but not for quotations).

2. BOLD should only be used for the title and (if you have any) subtitles.

Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.

Line spacing: DOUBLE.

Paragraph indentation: first line, by 0.5 cm (no tabs, please).

Layout: The name(s) and years of study of the author(s) should be stated at the top of the first page, before the title (name: aligned left, bold; title: Centered, bold capitals).

Please do not insert title pages or page numbering.


Ion Ionescu

3rd year, English-French

University of Baia Mare



All references used in the paper should be given in an alphabetical list at the end of the paper under the heading References (aligned left). Do not use bullets or numbering. Only include the works you have actually cited in the paper.

VERY IMPORTANT: REFERENCES in a published volume need to be consistent. Please use the Harvard system of referencing, and refer to this style guide for how to cite various types of sources and for further useful advice.


Cook, G. (1989) Discourse. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Fillmore, C. (1978) 'On the Organisation of Semantic Information in the Lexicon.' in Papers from the Parasession on the Lexicon. ed. by Farka, D. Jakobsen, W. and Todrys, K. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society, 148-173.

Doyle, W. (1977) 'Learning the Classroom Environment: An Ecological Analysis.' Journal of Teacher Education 28, 51-55

Daniel, R.T. (1995) 'The History of Western Music.' Britannica Online: Macropaedia [online] available from: <> [15 March 2012]

3. References in the text should use the following format:


(Cook 1989: 35-36)

" Cook (1989: 35-36) states..."

(Carlyle 1985 cited in Danson 1989: 75)

(note that only the family name of the author, the year and the page numbers appear in the parenthetical reference; pay special attention to the punctuation within the references)


1. Please do not insert footnotes or endnotes.

2. If you are discussing a literary text, make sure it also appears in the reference list!

Papers should be sent as a word document by e-mail to

Contact person: Claudia Doroholschi, Universitatea de Vest, Bul. Vasile Pārvan Nr.4, Departamentul de limbi şi literaturi moderne/engleză, 300223 Timişoara.