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Mihaela Gheorghita has been published at Casa Cartii de Stiinta as winner of the publisher's 2011 fiction contest

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The Creative Writing MA is now on standby while  we are trying to readjust to the new Law of Education and institutional  policies. As officially announced by the Faculty of Letters, there will be no entrance exam in 2011, but we are working on a new formula to enable us to continue the program. 

In the meantime, we are continuing all our other projects - check them out!

The Creative Writing MA organised by the English Department of the University of the West caters for the needs of prospective writers, teachers, and publishers – as well as those who would like to expand their knowledge of contemporary literature.

Students have an opportunity to learn about literature in both English and Romanian, to practise writing in a variety of styles and genres, to explore the way in which creative writing can be used as a teaching technique, and to learn how to edit a manuscript.

The Creative Writing MA in Timisoara aims to offer its students a stimulating, intense, but also pleasurable experience, which will expand their general knowledge and contribute significantly to their professional development. The practical dimension carries an important weight within the programme, with a lot of teaching time devoted to workshops and seminars in order to encourage learning through discussions, debates and direct experience. 

What we offer :

-         Well-trained and experienced teaching staff
-         A professional academic environment, which lays emphasis on the cooperation among students and tutors
-         Opportunities to exercise skills and interests within extra-curricular activities

What we want:
Candidates who have
-         a university degree, in any field
-      intermediate or advanced knowledge of English 
and don’t (necessarily) have
-         talent or genius
-      creative writing experience


last updated: 4 July 2011